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Personal Planning

How it Works

The accumulation of assets takes a great deal of time and effort -- a lifetime in fact.

We analyze your entire financial world using an easy to understand macro-economic model which illustrates the advantage of "big picture" thinking. 

Strategic Wealth Partners

specializes in working with individuals, families, and business owners who have reached a level of success and financial complexity that can be difficult to understand and navigate.

We help reduce complexity, capture new opportunities, and make the most of protecting and growing your success.

Personal Planning clients

are ready to clarify, simplify, and organize their financial life.

You want to address questions, reduce financial worries, optimize your situation, and decrease complexities so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

Why Us

Karen and Neill have over 40 years of combined experience.  They have built a support team each with their own strengths and knowledge.

Personal Planning clients experience empowerment through ongoing communication and collaboration that reflects changes in their life, planning strategies, the laws, and the investment markets

Your 5 Steps to Financial Health

  1. Collection of Data
    • Simple Conversation
    • Supporting Documents
  2. Proposal of Engagement
    • Observation
    • Risk/Loss
    • Education
  3. Strategy Meetings
    • Strategic alternatives
    • Collaboration
    • Coordination
    • Integration
  4. Solution/Implementation
    • Advocacy
    • Adjustment
    • Communication

Strategies Include

  • Protecting, building, and distributing wealth
  • Portfolio construction
  • Estate planning
  • Investment goals, analysis, selection and strategies
  • Executive benefits
  • Tax strategies

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