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Personal Planning - Accumulation and Distribution

It's your world: Take Control.

There are TWO PHASES in Personal Planning:  Accumulation and Distribution.

The accumulation of assets takes a great deal of time and effort -- a lifetime in fact.

The distribution of assets needs to last a lifetime - your lifetime - or longer.  

Both phases require communication of dreams, desires, needs as well as fears and obstacles. There are things you can control and things you can't. 

Our job is to control what we can while protecting you from the things that can't be controlled or predicted.  

Accumulation is going up.                                                                                                                                 Distribution (Retirement Income planning) is going down.

When you trip going up stairs, you look around to see if anyone is watching and you keep moving. The Accumulation Phase of your financial life is the same. There's plenty of time to course correct and catch yourself. But you still want to move intentionally as you build your assets.

When you trip going down stairs, it's far more dangerous. You can hurt yourself for the rest of your life. The Distribution Phase (Retirement Income Planning) takes know-how and care, being mindful that a mis-step can have lasting consequences.

Strategic Wealth Partners is here to EDUCATE, COACH, and EMPOWER journey.

Your Path to Confidence Begins NOW.

Accumulation - Personal Planning

Accumulation - Personal Planning

Are you ready to clarify, simplify, and organize your financial life to be future ready?

You want to address questions, reduce financial worries, optimize your situation, and decrease complexities so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

Experience empowerment through ongoing communication and collaboration that reflects changes in you life, planning strategies, the laws, and the investment markets

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Distribution - Retirement Income Planning

Distribution - Retirement Income Planning

Are you ready to have clarity around the ultimate question:  "Do I have the financial resources to live the life I envision?"

You are ready to move from wondering what the future looks like to having confidence in living your next now.

Experience support, monitoring, and ongoing communication as you move confidently into your next and much anticipate, phase of life.

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Strategic Wealth Partners

We analyze your entire financial world using an easy to understand macro-economic model which illustrates the advantage of "big picture" thinking. specializes in working with individuals, families, and business owners who have reached a level of success and financial complexity that can be difficult to understand and navigate. 

We help reduce complexity, capture new opportunities, and make the most of protecting and growing your success.  

What's Next? Let's investigate below 

Part of the LGBTQIA+ Community?   We're here for you.   

Why Us

Why Us

Karen and Neill have over 50 years of combined experience.  They created a support team, each with their own strengths and knowledge, to support them and SWP's clients.

Karen & Neill earned the RICP®, the Retirement Income Certified Professional®.  This designation promotes a more informed decision-making regarding retirement financial planning while creating a broader perspective.

Your 4 Steps to Financial Health

Your 4 Steps to Financial Health


  • Good information in = Good information out;
  • Simple Conversations about what is important to you
  • Data collection never stops.... when we're "done," something is going to change.; We always want the most recent data you have.


  • Observation
  • Risk/Loss
  • Education


  • Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • Integration


  • Advocacy
  • Adjustment
  • Communication
Strategies Include

Strategies Include

Personal Planning:

  • Protecting, building, and distributing wealth
  • Portfolio construction
  • Estate planning
  • Investment goals, analysis, selection and strategies
  • Executive benefits
  • Tax strategies

Retirement Income Planning:

  • Helping to mitigate risk of running out of money
  • Income planning
  • Building, protecting, and distributing wealth
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax strategies

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