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We believe in "Protection First."

Everyone has a castle. Whether it's built of stones on a moat or with 2x4s on a block, it's yours to protect and grow.   No matter the size of your castle, your life's work needs to be protected against the surprise attacks, famine, and life's demands.

Your protection plan needs to be solid enough that if you are sued (car accident etc.), can't work, or die sooner than expected, your castle will not crumble and its occupants are safe. 

We look at all areas of protection, such as insurance and legal documents. With the goal of creating protection for your financial landscape, we identify areas of possible weakness and concern that may affect you and your family.

We feel strongly it makes little sense to be building for the future when you may not be properly protected for what you have built thus far.

This “Protection First” approach is uncommon,

but it's grounded in our concern for you. 

It's not about us, it's about you. We'll demonstrate that every day by ensuring that you are in control of your financial future. We're here to help educate and guide you along the path, but in the end, the choices are yours to make – plain and simple.

The Path to Confidence continues.... Next stop, Business Planning or Personal Planning (including Retirement Income Planning)?