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celebrating our monthly wins, Nisha, Neill Turner, Melissa, Kim, and Karen Jessey  What we did in Summer, Karen Jessey, Nisha, Neill Turner, Melissa, Kim 

Neill Turner, Melissa, Nisha, Kim, and Karen Jessey smiling at the camera

Karen Jessey and Neill Turner at the BEI Exit Planning ConferenceKaren Jessey and Neill Turner joining a panel discussion about creating a team and how to be successfulKaren Jessey on stage at Guardian's Women's Empowerment SummitSpeaking on a panel to business owners, Karen Jessey and Neill Turner

                              Melissa Chastain, Karen Jessey, Kim Jessey, Nisha Brushaber, Neill Turner after breakfast birthday celebration Neill Turner, Nisha, and Karen Jessey celebrating Nisha with flowers

Tiesday Tuesday Kim, Nisha, Neill Turner, Karen Jessey, and Melissa showing off their ties

Neill Turner, Melissa, Karen Jessey, Nisha, and Kim showing off the Cumbl cookies that were delievered

Strategic Wealth Partners, Neill Turner, Karen Jessey, Melissa, Nisha, and Kim celebration 2022 wins