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Your retirement could be 30+ Years

Your retirement could be 30+ Years

While #retirement is meant to be a time void of financial worry, we can't predict the future. Sometimes plans change and you may be wondering things like... 

• Can we afford long-term care?
• Can we afford a second home or that dream vacation?
• How much can I spend guilt-free each month?
• What if we sell our house and buy an RV?
• Can we afford to move to a retirement community?

Planning for the next 30 to 40 years of your life is more than important.

Where do I start?

It may feel overwhelming to know where to begin but we'll walk you through everything we need to help you make decisions about your financial future.

First, we're going to have a low-key conversation with you, just a get-to-know conversation, around what your goals and dreams are going into retirement.

Next, we're going to ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire, an anticipated living expenses worksheet, and provide copies of some documents. Why do we ask for all of this information?  Good information in, good advice out. We are looking to make sure that ALL your financial vehicles are working together for your best financial world. 

Third, we're going to take your information and create a Living Balance Sheet® of your own so you can have your financial world at your finger tips. (Check out the mobile app!) A plan will be created around what you want to happen and how we can help you make that happen. You are always in control of your financial world. We are here to educated and guide.

Retirement isn't a set it and forget is time. It's a set it, review it, and let's talk strategies around when to activate which financial piece.

We expect to be in communication with you on a regular basis. Our commitment to you is to guide you, empower you, nudge you to make smarter, healthier, financial decisions. Your commitment to us is to see us as a resource and to reach out when you have questions or life changes.

REtirement can last for a LOOOONG time, what are your concerns?

Thank you!