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Uncommon Knowledge

Today, over 90% of the wealth in the country is owned by less than 10% of the people. Why is that?

This smaller group thinks about money and wealth building in an uncommon manner. Learning their secrets may be the key to unlocking your full financial potential.  If the common view of the masses were correct, wouldn't most of the masses hold great wealth? The fact is that popular acceptance of something does not make it true.  

Are you willing to be challenged by

Uncommon Knowledge?

If what you thought to be true wasn't, when would you want to know?

You see, it's not about the financial vehicles (although quality vehicles are good). It's about the STRATEGIES utilizing those financial vehicles which create the Financial Future you want.


Common Financial Myths

There is an abundance of misunderstanding and Common Financial Myths in the world, here are just a few...

"My money only needs to keep pace with inflation."

"I will be in a lower income tax bracket at retirement."

"My 401(k) plan creates a tax savings, which can be spent or invested."

"Compounding interest creates a financial miracle."

"I won't need life insurance when I retire."

"A 15 year mortgage costs less than a 30 year mortgage."

"Disinvesting is the same as investing."

"Rate of return on my assets is more important than regular savings habits."

"To increase protection, my cash flow will suffer."

At Strategic Wealth Partners, Karen and Neill provide an Uncommon View to challenge traditional thinking and offer a refreshingly new approach to financial decision making.