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Get In Depth with Strategic Wealth Partners' Core Values

Strategic Wealth Partner core values of Solution Centric, Confident, Optimistic, Proudly Committed, and Evolving displayed against a sunset

"When core values are effectively identified and honestly perpetuated, they provide a set of guiding principles and serve as the rules for organizational culture."*

 Strategic Wealth Partners employs Entrepreneurial Operations System® (EOS). As business owners, EOS is a game changer, in our opinion.

One of the first exercises is to establish the business' core values. Simon Sinek says "Values are verbs, not nouns." In other words, values should be actionable and accountable. EOS is big on accountability.

The SWP Team Members spent hours identifying, defining, and clarifying our core values. Growth happens when humans exchange energy, internal guidance, and wisdom. Growth happens when conversations abound. We grew through this process -- a lot.

Our growth benefits you. 

We work as a fully incorporated team. There are no "hers and his" clients. All SWP Team Members know you, your story, and the strategies involved. Regular meetings ensure that you are top of our minds.

After all, our work is about you. your dreams, and your financial future. You are our business.  

*From EOS Blog by Alex Freytag