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From Economics & Beyond: An Educational Series

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April 20, 2023     1:00 PM Eastern Time     Social Security & Medicare     Registration is OPEN    Click HERE

June 22, 2023            1:00 PM Eastern Time     Retirement Income Planning: The Numbers and Beyond

August 24, 2023       1:00 PM Eastern Time     Protection AND Balance

October 26, 2023      1:00 PM Eastern Time     Business Owners: Year End Wrap Up                                                

December 7, 2023    1:00 PM Eastern Time     Estate Planning: The Fundamentals + Advanced Strategies

April 20th:   Social Security & Medicare

             These two topics generate so many questions

 Do you have a strategy to claim social security?

  • Married couples could collect $1 million of social security benefits.
  • What age is “best” to start taking social security benefits?
  • What about collecting Social Security on an ex-spouse’s benefit?

Medicare: What to know

 Heather Schreiber, RICP®, NSSA®
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What happens when three experienced financial Advisors ask themselves, “How can we be a more beneficial resource to our clients and their financial future?”

The result is a powerful, educational series of webinars created with YOU in mind.

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