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Business Planning

You are BUSY. 

                                                  We understand. But just a couple important questions...

Client Centered
  • Do you know the SALE value of your business? 

    • If you had to sell it today, what would that number be?  

    • Is that number enough to propel you forward in your dreams and keep you there?

  • What are you doing to RETAIN your key talent?

    • Incentivizing is different than retention. 

  • If you cannot run your business tomorrow, what happens to your family, your employees, and the business itself?

    What's the plan? 

Let us ask the questions that help YOU move your largest asset into a plan that works for YOU, the business owner, and all the people you care about. 

Client Centered

You built a business with a goal in mind. How are those plans integrating with your personal goals and dreams?  

YOU should have the opportunity to maximize your life's hard work.

As small business owners ourselves, we are on a mission to help business owners, their families, and their employees.  

We evaluate and coach you through protecting, growing, and ultimately leaving your business.

Your business is more than just you.

We help you identify and retain key talent, which increases the value of your business, which creates more options for you, the business owner. 

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Why our clients work with us

Why our clients work with us

  • To incentivize and retain key talent
  • Maximize the value of their business
  • Pay less taxes
  • Upgrade their financial team
Components of a  Growth & Exit Plan

Components of a  Growth & Exit Plan

Your Growth & Exit Objectives

  • Building and Preserving Business Value
  • Selling Your Company to a Third Party
  • Transferring Your Ownership to Insiders
  • Business Continuity
  • Personal Wealth and Estate Planning
CExP™ Designations

CExP™ Designations

Both Karen and Neill have the Preeminent CExP™ designation.

They are qualified to provide comprehensive, professionally executed Growth & Exit Planning services to the business owning community.

What Business Strategies should you be asking about? 

What questions do you have?

Thank you!

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