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You need a Plan

January 31, 2024

Let’s start here:

YOU need a plan.

A specific, strategic financial plan which allows you to move forward in your financial future towards a future YOU design and want –while living a good life and allowing you to focus on what you love. 

You say you’ve got it covered? Okay, let’s talk about that. 

Let’s draw the analogy around travelling, shall we? We all have booked airline flights, hotels, transportation in our lives. Each piece is not that “hard.” Do you “need” a travel agent to help? No, you do not “need” a travel agent, or a luxury resort package, but you might “want” one because

  • This is what they do all day, every day. They’ve spent 10,000+ hours honing their craft. 
  • They know the ins and outs of the different airlines and travel capabilities. 
  • They have investigated and cultivated relationships with key, knowledgeable businesses and individuals who can give heads up on interesting things to know, see, and experience, along with perhaps, a deal or two. 
  • They are aware of the cost; where to cut costs and where to spend the extra $$s to make the trip even better. 
  • They are there to make sure your trip of a lifetime is a great experience for you and your family/loved ones. They are looking out for YOU. 

While being free and spontaneous has its place in travelling, the time spent away is short, so, more like a controlled free and spontaneous experience. In the end, you know you have someplace safe to land and a sense of normalcy to return to. 

Creating a great travelling experience is easier than creating a financial plan. The options for what make up a financial plan are as wide and varied as you are. 

Not everyone dreams of travelling in retirement. Not everyone wants a second home or to put their grandchildren through college. The reality is that you have been dreaming of what you’d do with all that “extra time” in retirement for years. Creating a financial plan to consciously work toward those dreams – whatever they may be – is the only way to get there. 

Without a plan in place, all you have is “hope” that it’ll work out. Hope is well intentioned and necessary in the world.  But “hope” is not a strategy for the financial future of your dreams. 

Even if you won the lotto tomorrow, you’d want a plan of how to make your financial future happen. It doesn’t matter how much you have if you are afraid to spend it. After all, you can't take your house to the supermarket and pay for your groceries with it.

So, you need a plan. You want a plan. A plan that helps you stay on course when emotions are running high. A plan that tracks progress. A plan that helps you and your family have the conversations you need to have. A plan that keeps you on a Path to Confidence. And a plan that lasts longer than a trip to Thailand. 

We act as financial coaches. We’re here to guide, educate, empower, and nudge you through the plan you want.

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